Why is session data not being returned to the LMS?

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Troubleshooting the use of ToolBook exported DHTML files launched from an LMS can sometimes prove to be challenging, because determining why data isn't being returned to the LMS is a tricky thing to do. The following are the recommended ways to troubleshoot why this failure is occurring:


Enabling the checkbox entitled Require LMS Login which is located on the Web tab of the Lesson Properties dialog, will deny entry to the exported DHTML content if an LMS did not launch the content OR if the DHTML content is not able to communicate back to the LMS that did launch it. The denial of entry is provided by showing a dialog to the user stating that an LMS is required and thus they are not allowed to enter the content.

By enabling this checkbox and re-exporting your book, you will have a clear indication as to if ToolBook's DHTML content thinks an LMS is present.


Debug mode can be very useful for determining exactly what data is being communicated to and from the LMS.

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