Size of launched course is very small when launched from TotalLMS



When launching a DHTML exported course from Aspen or TotalLMS, the resulting SCORM window is too small (approx 50x50 pixels) and cannot be resized.


An Aspen/TotalLMS bug exists which can be identified as follows. If your ToolBook content is launched via SCORM from Aspen/TotalLMS you may find that the SCORM window is too small and cannot be resized.

It is possible to fix this by:

Using a ToolBook solution

See The ToolBook Solution below  

Using an Aspen solution

Obtain HOTFIX 38630 from Aspen Support for this problem. This Hotfix will ensure that this 50x50 window shows up at a more reasonable size of 800x600.

The ToolBook Solution

First, in order to use this ToolBook solution you must export your ToolBook course as SCORM 1.2 content (but don't choose the generic SCORM 1.2. Instead export as one of the SumTotal specific SCORM 1.2 options such as):

Doing this will tell the Export engine to add SumTotal LMS specific XML tags into the SCORM IMSManifest file, which the LMS will then use to show the window at the correct size.

If you are not using a Launch Page
If you are using a Launch Page

Now, when you export your book, the size of 600,400 will be used when the LMS opens the Launch Page.

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