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Where can I find information about creating or editing SmartStyles?


ToolBook 9 introduced a significant new concept for template-based book creation - SmartStyles.

SmartStyles replaces the various styles, templates, page types and backdrops found in previous versions of ToolBook with new and more versatile functionality that is consistent across all relevant areas of the product.

ToolBook ships with a number of PageStyles and SmartStyles. Additionally ToolBook ships with a set of Templates based on these Styles.


It is possible to create your own PageStyles and SmartStyles. However the creation of, and modification of SmartStyles is considered a very advanced topic. It requires advanced knowledge of both CSS and the documented details about how ToolBook describes and defines page elements within CSS.

Be Aware that Technical Support cannot assist you in the creation or modification of SmartStyles.

If you are an expert who is up to the challenge, the following documentation describes how to create your own smart styles (and smart pages that use those styles), including reference material on all objects that can be defined on a smart page, all style information that can be defined for those objects and how to extend and customize the SmartStyles system.

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