Some text in ToolBook is Antialiased but some text is not

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If your machine is configured to use Font Smoothing, and you have chosen to use the ClearType type of font smoothing, you may find that some text objects in ToolBook are properly smoothed and some are not smoothed at all.


This effect will only be noticed if you are using ToolBook 9 or higher. This effect occurs as a result of a Partial Fix implemented in ToolBook 9 for this other problem:

  Using ClearType in ToolBook causes the edges of letters to appear clipped off

That partial fix was to have ToolBook automatically disable ClearType for a particular object if ToolBook sensed that this clipping would have occurred for that object.


Only by disabling ClearType, will you be able to make this problem fully go away within ToolBook.

To adjust your Windows setting for Font Smoothing:


This problem only affects what is seen within the ToolBook application. If you export your content to DHTML, the resulting DHTML will not exhibit this problem when using ClearType.

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