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February 18, 2009

Updates in Service Pack 1

Several issues were addressed in the Service Pack 1 release of ToolBook.


Compatibility with ToolBook 9.5

Books created in ToolBook 9.5 will run in 9.5 SP1 without using the Version Updater.

The ToolBook Instructor 9.5 SP1 release is backward compatible with the 9.5 release. ToolBook files created in 9.5 do not have to go through any conversion process in order to work in the 9.5 SP1 release. Once saved in version 9.5 SP1, your ToolBook files can still be opened by any ToolBook 9.5 user.

How to tell if you've already installed the Service Pack

If you are trying to determine if your installation of ToolBook 9.5 already includes the service pack, here are a few things to help you figure that out.

You can tell if you have the Service Pack installed by looking in the About ToolBook dialog, available from your Help menu.


There are two ways to get ToolBook 9.5 Service Pack 1 installed onto your system:

Use the 9.5 SP1 Updater utility

This utility will upgrade your 9.5 installation to 9.5 SP1. You can download and install the ToolBook 9.5 SP1 Updater by clicking on this link:

After you download the Updater to your hard drive, double-click the downloaded tb95sp1updater.exe file to start the installation process. The updater will only update an existing installation of ToolBook 9.5, and you must be an Administrator of your machine in order to install this service pack.

Once installed, the Service Pack cannot be removed by itself. Fully uninstalling ToolBook 9.5 is the only way to remove the service pack, which will of course remove ToolBook 9.5 as well.

Use the MSI Installer - For IT Department Use Only

This is a complete installer in .MSI format that installs 9.5 with the SP1 changes. It has the ability to install silently and the ability to activate silently. The MSI installer is intended to facilitate remote installations of ToolBook.


In order to run it silently, use the following command. The /qn flag tells msiexec to run the installer silently.

 msiexec /i"C:\ToolBookInstructor95SP1.msi" /qn

To pass in an activation key, use the following command. LICENSEKEY is the command line variable that should hold the activation code you want to use. The actual key is case sensitive.

 msiexec /i"C:\ToolBookInstructor95SP1.msi" LICENSEKEY="xxxx-xxxxxxx"

You can combine the two to have a silent installer that specifies an activation code.

 msiexec /i"C:\ToolBookInstructor95SP1.msi" /qn LICENSEKEY="xxxx-xxxxxxx"

If you need to specify a Proxy Server in order for the Activation routine to utilize your Internet connection, you can add an additional PROXYSERVER command line variable as shown below:

 msiexec /i"C:\ToolBookInstructor95SP1.msi" /qn LICENSEKEY="xxxx-xxxxxxx" PROXYSERVER="xyz.abc.com:899"


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