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Are you looking for a way to line up columns and rows of data on your ToolBook page?

This LiveXtension is intended to provide you with such an object.

Once added to your page, you can add color to give it a very professional look - like this following table.


Right-Click Support

This object has no Extended Properties. All extended functionality is obtained via the right-click menu at Author level. From the right-click menu you can:


Manually Resizing

While at Author level you can manually resize columns and rows by dragging the adjuster bar. You will find that holding down on the CTRL key as you drag will change the resize behavior.


Actions Editor

This object was created knowing that you may very well try to populate the fields with data using the Actions Editor, and fully supports this. None of the fields are named, so if you want to manipulate them using the Actions Editor first name the relevant fields, and then use the Actions Editor to manipulate the text in the field.

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