Text Pane does not fully show in DHTML, only the text shows

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Using Actions Editor logic to show a hidden Text Pane is not working correctly in DHTML.


Changes were introduced in ToolBook 10.5 in regards to how Text Pane objects were processed during the Publish to Web (DHTML) process. This change was needed to fix an existing problem. Unfortunately the fix introduced a new problem only experienced when viewing the DHTML in a browser:


Turn on the Export the group as a graphic option, for this text pane.

To do that:
  1. Open your TBK file
  2. Navigate to a page containing one of these text panes
  3. Open your Book Explorer from the View menu
  4. Locate the text pane in the Book Explorer, and right-click the entry
  5. From the right-click menu choose Group Properties
  6. Click the WEB tab to find the option
  7. Add a check mark next to this option
  8. Do this for each affected text pane, and re-Publish to DHTML.


The 11.0 version of ToolBook already includes a fix for this.


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