How to do a thorough uninstall of ToolBook (before re-installing)

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Before re-installing a version of ToolBook it is important to make sure any previous install of the same version of ToolBook is completely removed.

This article explains how to do this.


Run the Uninstaller for ToolBook as found in the Add\Remove Programs control panel.


Using Windows Explorer, locate the main Product folder where ToolBook was installed. For example:

  C:\Program Files\ToolBook\ToolBook 11.5\

This folder is still remaining even after an uninstall because there are some files in this folder which may have personal settings in them (such as objects added to the catalog). For this reason ToolBook Uninstaller leaves some stuff behind.

You will want to DELETE this folder if performing a Clean Reinstall. If you happened to store any of your project files in this folder, please move them to another folder prior to deleting the folder. If you happened to have added some objects to the Catalog and wish to keep them, you will need to move a copy of the CATALOG folder elsewhere until after the install is finished.


Locate and DELETE* the TBSYSTEM folder, typically located at:

  C:\Program Files\Common Files\ToolBook\TBSystem\


This TBSYSTEM folder contains the runtime engine files for any version of ToolBook starting with ToolBook 8. This means if you delete this entire folder you will disabling all versions of ToolBook (8 and higher) requiring you to reinstall those versions in order to get them functional again. In this event instead of deleting the entire folder, delete all files in this folder whose name starts with "TB115".


Reinstall ToolBook normally.

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