What is new? What is different in version 10.5?

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What's New, What's Different in this release

Enhanced Quick Start Tab on the Startup Dialog

The Quick Start tab in the Startup Dialog has been re-designed to enable users to access various options for creating a SmartStyle book targeted at a particular device or type of device. For example, previously if you wanted to create a book targeting mobile content, but didn't want to use the Book Wizard, you would have to create a new blank book, drag the appropriate style onto it, drag some pages, and remember to delete the original blank page. Additionally, if the mobile device you were targeting had a different screen size than the iPhone styles used by ToolBook, you would have to figure out what screen size to use and then figure out how to change the size of your page.

Now the Quick Start tab presents multiple options - it displays different icons for different devices. Depending on your requirement, all you have to do is select one of them, and you automatically get a blank SmartStyle page, sized appropriately for the device you selected.

Smoother Resizing of Graphics

Resizing graphic images within ToolBook will now result in smoother, better looking images.

Exit Buttons Functionality and Appearance Improved

The Exit Buttons in the catalog have been updated to use Actions. This enables the course author to modify their behavior easily.  

Paste Unformatted Text Menu Item

This option on the Edit menu enables you to quickly paste text into fields, while simultaneously stripping it of all formatting. This is extremely useful when working with SmartStyle - by pasting plain text into fields, it allows the Style to control the formatting of text. The keyboard shortcut for this option is Ctrl-Shift-V.  

Checkbox added to Publish to Web Wizard to Enable Diagnostics

This option activates the diagnostic or “debug” mode for the published HTML. This will display a separate window when the course is opened in a browser, which displays diagnostic information.

Support for Apple iPad and Windows Mobile Devices

ToolBook now produces content for Windows Mobile and Apple iPad, in addition to the already supported iPhone, iPod Touch and Google Android. The key benefits of this are that organizations can provide learning on more mobile devices enabling easier access to learning by their learner community.

Geolocation Support for Mobile Content

This new feature – a first for online content authoring solutions – enables authors to create learning content that can take into consideration a user’s geographical location. Examples of how this could be used are:

iPhone Support for Drag and Drop

This new feature provides users the ability to drag objects around the iPhone screen using touch. This makes it much easier for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users to use the question types match item, drag object, and slider in a style consistent with the overall user experience on these devices.

Other enhancements in this release:

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