What is new? What is different in version 11.5?

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What's New, What's Different in this release

Publish To Web

The Publish to Web Specialist has been redesigned. It is no longer a wizard-style Specialist that walks you through each of the publishing settings available. With the redesign it is now a simple interface that allows you to Publish your lesson to Web with virtually a single mouse click. All of the various publishing options are still available if you need to change them, and are accessible using the new Options button.

Enhanced Publish To Web Error Logging

The error logging feature will generate a more detailed explanation of each error encountered. In addition, the new logging enhancements are able to detect (and log) a wider variety of error conditions.

Resource Manager

The size of the Resource Manager has been enlarged, allowing better viewing of the resource list and resource names. In addition a preview feature has been added which will display the selected bitmap resource at a larger size.

Clipart Catalog Category

The Clipart catalog category has been expanded to include not only Arrows but various Bullets and Seals as well.

Delete Pages

Quickly deleting a range of pages is now possible using the Delete Pages option in the Tools menu.

Character Map

Having difficulty figuring out how to add non-standard keyboard characters into your ToolBook fields, such as the Copyright symbol? The Character Map will allow you to easily access and add special characters to your fields.

Right Click Menus Changes

The following enhancements have been added to the Right-Click menus:

Drag & Drop

The Drag & Drop tab of the Property Editor has been revised to clear up confusion about which settings to use. The various Help Topics involving Drag & Drop have been updated as well, to clearly differentiate between the two types of Drag & Drop that ToolBook offers.

Scoring and Tracking

There are three LMS compatible Exit buttons in the Scoring and Tracking category of the catalog. Each of these have been enhanced to prompt the user with "are you sure you want to exit?".

Display Book Information

The Display Book Information utility will provide you with book information details about an entire folder full of ToolBook files. It will allow you to quickly see important information about each file in a folder, such as which version of ToolBook last saved each file. This is a very useful utility in determining which ToolBook files are in need of being Version Updated.

Voice Recording

Several enhancements to the Voice Recording feature have been made. A View Summary button will allow you to see a report of all voice recordings in the current book. Also added is the ability to enable or disable all of the voice recordings with a single click.

Resource Lookup

Find all uses of a particular Resource within your project, using the Resource Lookup utility.

Mixed Content Warning

A new checkbox has been added to the Publish To Web dialog (Suppress mixed content browser warning (HTTPS)). If you are using a Secure Server (HTTPS), this setting will block the Mixed Content warning that the browser normally would show to the user.


If a text field contains a Bitmap Resource in addition to text, and you attempt to copy/paste the field contents into another product such as Microsoft Word, the Bitmap Resources will now be included along with the pasted text.

Firefox 2 and Internet Explorer 6 Support

With this release of ToolBook, support for Firefox 2 and Internet Explorer 6 has been discontinued. ToolBook continues to offer support for Firefox 3+ and Internet Explorer 7+.

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