What is new? What is different in version 9.5?

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What's New, What's Different in this release

Microsoft PowerPoint Import

The new Microsoft PowerPoint support enables you to rapidly reuse existing PowerPoint content in your ToolBook authoring project and storyboard learning using PowerPoint. This new feature - delivered as a SumTotal Publish to ToolBook Add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 - converts Microsoft PowerPoint content (PPT) to the ToolBook format. After conversion, the supported PowerPoint objects are fully editable within ToolBook - including text, images, and hyperlinks.

XML Support

The new XML support speeds up the process of using content from other sources during authoring. Now, you can take existing content (e.g. found in databases, content created with other tools) and convert it to the ToolBook XML format. After using the new Open XML Book feature in ToolBook, your content is converted to the ToolBook format where it is fully editable with the ToolBook application.  

Apple iPhone Support

Now ToolBook content can be designed to run on the iPhone and iPod touch. These Apple devices are supported as follows:

  1. New SmartStyles are now available in the Styles category of the Catalog that are specifically designed to enable the deployment of learning content to the 320 x 480 screen size of mobile devices.
  2. The Publish to Web Wizard contains an option to publish with iPhone support activated. This new option is displayed in the "Select Browser" panel of the Publish to Web Wizard.
  3. To run this content, launch the main index.html file under \WebExport. When viewed on the iPhone, the page automatically adjusts itself to the ideal size.

Apple Mac

Now users can access ToolBook Web content using the Safari Web browser on an Apple Mac and on a PC. With support for Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox and now Safari - never before has a content authoring product allowed so many options for users needing to access learning content.

Completion Certificates

A new catalog category called Certificates has been created which contains a complete certificate page as well as a set of objects that can be used to build a completely customized certificate. Also available in the Certificate category are a Display Certificate button, and a Prompt For Name object which are intended for use on any page in the book, where the course author wants to display the certificate, or prompt for the learner's name.

The completed certificate is automatically filled in with the course name, date, score, and learner's name. This page can then be printed for verification of completion.

Voice Recording Feature for Page Narration

The new Voice Recording feature enables a user to record a voice-over that plays as that particular page loads. The Insert menu contains a new Voice Recording item that enables the user to create the recording. The voice recording feature is also available from the Voice Recording tab on the Properties for Page dialog box. In the case of audio files recorded by professional voice talent, users have the option of using the Universal Media Player to play them.  

Deployment Mode Indicator

The ToolBook status bar now has an icon that indicates whether the current deployment mode of the book is Native or DHTML. This icon shows up only in the Author mode.


Enhanced and Simplified Right-Click Menus

In ToolBook Instructor 9.5, the right-click menus have been replaced by more standard, simplified, and user-friendly menus.

The new right-click menus:

New Universal Media Player Option: Hide Player from Learner

In earlier ToolBook releases, there was no option of hiding the Universal Media Player (UMP) at the Reader level. Users playing audio files using the UMP had to move it off the page in order to hide it. In ToolBook 9.5, users can hide the UMP at the Reader level by turning on the Hide At Reader Level feature in the Properties for Universal Media Player window.

ToolBook Intro

A flash demo called ToolBook Intro is now available from the Welcome tab of the Instructor Startup dialog box. It walks you through creating a book, inserting common elements, using various tools available within the authoring environment, and publishing the book for HTML distribution. The ToolBook Intro is also available from the Help menu.

Accessibility Enhancements to Web Runtime

The ToolBook DHTML runtime has been enhanced to work better with the JAWS screen reader.

UI Meant for Native Mode is now Hidden when the Book is in DHTML Mode

Some UI elements that only pertain to Native mode books are now hidden when the book is intended for DHTML deployment.

Immediate Feedback Disabled by Default

Question objects in previous versions of ToolBook had been configured to display immediate feedback by default. Now, all question objects in ToolBook have the Immediate Feedback option disabled by default and the Delayed Feedback enabled by default.

Post-Publishing Popup

The final pane in the ToolBook Web Specialist has been enhanced to let users know, at the end of a success DHTML export, where their exported files are located. This page also contains a link to the package file generated (if any) after the publishing.

Simplified Templates Tab

The templates tab in the Startup dialog box has been updated to contain only one type of template (HTML).

PNG Support

The resource system now supports PNG files. This means that a PNG file can be imported into the resource system and used multiple times throughout the book. The image is stored in PNG format within the TBK file, so there is no need to move the original image file when copying from one computer to another (this is true for all files supported by the resource system).

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