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There are two types of Windows phones:

Older devices

Those running the older operating system, referred to as Windows Mobile (version 6 for example)

Newer devices

Those running the newer operating system, most often simply referred to was Windows Phone (such as Windows Phone 7 or 8).

ToolBook claims support for the older Windows Mobile phone, but does ToolBook support the newer Windows Phone mobile devices, such as Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8?


ToolBook DHTML content is not designed to function on a newer Windows Phone mobile device. No specific engineering work has been done on ToolBook to enable this functionality. Although the default web browser on these devices is Internet Explorer, it is a mobile version of Internet Explorer with its own set of limitations and differences, as compared to the desktop version of Internet Explorer.

It is questionable as to if you'll get ToolBook content to display on a Windows Phone device, and SumTotal will be unable to assist you getting this to work.

SumTotal is looking to officially add support in a future release of ToolBook.

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