Answer Key

About third party add-ons

Several companies have produced add-ons and plugins for ToolBook, allowing you to add features to ToolBook or enhance existing functionality. Some of these add-ons are free and some are not. SumTotal does not endorse the use of any particular third party add-ons. SumTotal cannot answer any questions about add-ons created by third party companies. Please contact the vendor of the add-on if you have questions about it.

Answer key

Platte Canyon Multimedia Corporation has produced a ToolBook Add-on, called the Answer Key.


Your users will never get stuck on a question again. Whether it is Arrange-Objects, Matching, Fill-In-The-Blank, Order Objects, Multiple-Choice , or any other ToolBook question object, Answer Key™ will display the answer. They can then reset the question and try it themselves.

The educational benefit of the Answer Key™ is striking. Users of your training no longer have to skip questions they don't know. They can click on the "Show Answer" button and the answer is revealed.  

What if you want your users to see the answer only after they try it? Answer Key™ lets you specify when the "Show Answer" button appears. Simply open the "Show Answer" button's extended property sheet and specify whether you want it to show up immediately or only after a defined number of wrong answers.

Answer Key™ is easy for developers too. The developer just opens the special Answer Key™ catalog, finds the most applicable button style, and drags the buttons onto the page or background. AnswerKey works with ToolBook 8 and later.

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