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I'm seeing a status bar message in my web browser, within a ToolBook DHTML lesson, which states:


It seems to appear when I move my mouse over button objects and goes away when I move my mouse off. Also it doesn't seem to have any negative effect - it is more of an annoyance.


The problem is coming from the way that ToolBook handles Tabbing for button objects, in DHTML.

A little background

For the benefit of users who like to use the keyboard as much as possible, most software includes support for using various keystrokes to accomplish some of the things you could do with your mouse.

At the moment the only keystroke we're concerned with is the TAB key. ToolBook as well as your web browser supports the use of the TAB key to move the focus from object to object.

Objects in ToolBook which can receive focus are:

When a button object is in focus, you'll see some indication (called a Focus Rectangle) around the edge of the button designating that it is the one button currently in focus. The look of the focus indicator will vary depending on what you are viewing the button in.

Also, when a button is in focus, you can click it (without touching the mouse) by pressing the Space Bar, and depending on the web browser you are using, possibly the Enter key will work as well.

The Problem

ToolBook has special JavaScript logic that it uses to control which objects can get focus in DHTML. It is this special logic which is causing the status bar to display the javascript:void; message. The message is harmless and not an indication that any problem is occurring. You can ignore it or look at the solution below to make it go away.


The only solution at this time is to turn off the Tabbing ability for all buttons in your book. Your buttons will still work but will require a Mouse to interact with the button, instead of the keyboard.

ToolBook does include a utility which will turn off the tabbing ability for all buttons in your book, called the Focus Rectangle Remover.

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