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About third party add-ons

Several companies have produced add-ons and plugins for ToolBook, allowing you to add features to ToolBook or enhance existing functionality. Some of these add-ons are free and some are not. SumTotal does not endorse the use of any particular third party add-ons. SumTotal cannot answer any questions about add-ons created by third party companies. Please contact the vendor of the add-on if you have questions about it.

learning & Mastering toolbook

Platte Canyon Multimedia Corporation has produced a ToolBook Add-on, called the Learning & Mastering ToolBook.


Get 30+ hours of professional training on ToolBook 11.5 delivered on interactive CD-ROM. The Platte Canyon® Learning & Mastering ToolBook 11.5™ CD builds on the success of the 11.0, 10.5, 10.0, 9.5, 9, 2004, 8, 7.1, and 6.5 versions by adding significant new content, including:

Publish to Web Wizard

Learn all the interface and other changes for publishing your content to DHTML.

LiveXtensions and Other Tools

The training adds new content on the new product and LiveXtension/DevEx tools.

New Screens and Interface

The training shows redesigned screens like Resource Manager. And all screen captures and videos are updated to show the interface under Windows 8.

Even More Web Hints, Expert Information, and OpenScript Tips

Learning & Mastering ToolBook 11.5 is packed full of extra information unavailable anywhere else. This version adds 5 Web Hints, 2 OpenScript Tips, and 4 Expert Information topics to an already-huge collection.

Expanded and Updated Content Throughout

Expanded content on the Actions Editor, OpenScript, DHTML, and more. Plus all 30+ hours of training has been completely updated for ToolBook 11.5.

Quiz Summary

Add this powerful object to allow users to see results, review incorrect questions, see how their answers related to the correct answers, and more. Learn how to configure the individual Quiz Summary elements as well as set up the Question Text for each question.

SmartPages and SmartStyles

Learn all about this powerful feature. The training shows you how to assign a SmartStyle, where to set properties so that SmartStyles and SmartPages are properly configured, which categories of the Catalog contain "Smart" objects, how SmartStyles and SmartPages are constructed, how to edit and build your own SmartPages and SmartStyles, and more.

Voice Recordings

See how to use this powerful feature to avoid putting a Universal Media Player on each page for narrations. Control them with the Actions Editor. Dig behind the scenes to where the master files are stored so you can edit or rerecord them later if desired.


Add either the built-in certificates or build your own using the various Catalog objects plus the step-by-step training provided on the CD.

XML Support

Dig into the powerful ToolBook XML features. Advanced developers can learn how to read and write XML files using OpenScript and the msxml library.

Import Content from PowerPoint

Learn the mechanics of importing PowerPoint content into ToolBook and how to include Speaker Notes and Audio. Get tips on what is converted and what is not.

Learning Programming for e-Learning Developers

Link to appropriate sections of the popular Programming for e-Learning Developers: ToolBook, Flash, JavaScript, and Silverlight book, with color sections included on the CD-ROM.

Create Detailed Simulations

Learn how to record simulations or create them from scratch. Learn the "ins and outs" of ToolBook's powerful Simulation Editor, including how to configure its various modes and extend it with the Actions Editor.

Add JavaScript

See how to add .js files to your book and call their functions via the Actions Editor. Learn how to call their OpenScript equivalents from native mode if desired. Expanded with even more examples!

Using the External Interface class in Flash to Communicate with ToolBook

Understand through detailed examples how to communicate between Flash and ToolBook from both the ToolBook and the Flash authoring side of the equation.

Action Methods

Through detailed examples, learn how to add this powerful ToolBook feature to your projects.

Advanced Actions and OpenScript Topics

Using our "Mastermind" sample game, learn how to construct Action "behaviors" to greatly increase your efficiency and functionality. Make SCORM™ calls from the Actions Editor. See how to build actions and even entire pages via OpenScript. Walk through various "Suggested Exercises" on your own.

HTTP Post Plus ASP.NET Server-Side Projects

Learn both the ToolBook code (Actions Editor and/or OpenScript) as well as the server-side ASP.NET code to post results to a web site, send email, save to a database, and more.

Master the Actions Editor

Learn how to use this powerful feature via numerous examples, detailed Let Me Try simulations, and expert techniques only available in this training.

Incorporate Flash™ into ToolBook

Add this popular animation format to your native or DHTML ToolBook files. Learn how to make Flash and ToolBook communicate with each other.

Branch Out with FTP, HTTP Post, Automation, and ADO

Easily transfer files and send data to Web servers. Control applications from ToolBook and learn from the experts on database connectivity with ToolBook.


Learn how to make your training "location-aware." This new feature allows DHTML-deployed training to determine if Geolocation is available and, if so, the user's current latitude and longitude.

Quiz Randomization

See how to build a pool of questions where each student gets a different, randomized exam.

Google/Bing Maps and REST

This version has new examples creating links to Google and Bing Maps based on your current location. It also shows how to use a REST call to create a Bing Map.

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