Quiz Randomizer

About third party add-ons

Several companies have produced add-ons and plugins for ToolBook, allowing you to add features to ToolBook or enhance existing functionality. Some of these add-ons are free and some are not. SumTotal does not endorse the use of any particular third party add-ons. SumTotal cannot answer any questions about add-ons created by third party companies. Please contact the vendor of the add-on if you have questions about it.

quiz randomizer

Nirvana Bound Pty Ltd has produced a ToolBook Add-on, called the Quiz Randomizer.


The Quiz Randomizer will allow you to add randomization to any quiz book without the need for it to have been initially created from the specialist. However, this is just a small bonus. It allows you to simply categorize questions and subsequently define the number of questions to be randomly drawn from the categories. You can also define certain questions as mandatory.

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