About third party add-ons

Several companies have produced add-ons and plugins for ToolBook, allowing you to add features to ToolBook or enhance existing functionality. Some of these add-ons are free and some are not. SumTotal does not endorse the use of any particular third party add-ons. SumTotal cannot answer any questions about add-ons created by third party companies. Please contact the vendor of the add-on if you have questions about it.


Platte Canyon Multimedia Corporation has produced a ToolBook Add-on, called the Storyboarder.


The Platte Canyon® Storyboarder creates a Microsoft Word or PowerPoint storyboard from an existing ToolBook book. The document or presentation includes an optional screen capture of each page, field, button, and other text, question answers/feedback, simulation information, and other content - all in the same order top to bottom as in your book.

New to this version is the ability to display the name of web graphic placeholder files used in your book. This is quite helpful for finding all your linked graphics.

For the PowerPoint storyboard, you can now put field and record field content in approximately the same location as in your ToolBook book! Storyboarder also matches the font, size, and text/background color of your original ToolBook field/record field. This makes it a great fit for importing into other authoring tools that import PowerPoint files.

Storyboarder can put the rest of the content in speaker notes and/or a contents textbox. You can also have an optional comments textbox on each slide. You can run Storyboarder in author-level ToolBook or download the complete ToolBook runtime installation.

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