Could not load TB115XML.SBK

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I get the following error each time I start ToolBook.


  Could not load required system book: "C:\Program

  Files\ToolBook\ToolBook 11.5\tb115xml.sbk"


There are two possible reasons this error could be shown. It either means the file is missing, or the file is there but could not be loaded.

Missing File

If the file is actually missing, you'll need to reinstall ToolBook to restore the file.

File Is Not Missing

The purpose for the file TB115XML.SBK is to assist ToolBook with reading XML files. In order for TB115XML.SBK to load, it has to (in turn) load a component of Windows called the XML Parser. The error is occurring because in order to load TB115XML.SBK, the Windows XML Parser also has to be able to load. In your case the XML Parser is failing to load, and therefore TB115XML.SBK cannot load (thus the error).

Possible Solution #1

The solution is to install/reinstall the Microsoft XML 4.0 Parser. It is officially known by Microsoft as:

  MSXML 4.0

and if you need to reinstall it, please work with your IT Department in order to find it on the Microsoft web site, and to reinstall it. Once this component of Windows is working, then ToolBook should be able to successfully load it.

Possible Solution #2

ToolBook requires that you be an Administrator of your own computer. If you are not, certain features within ToolBook will fail and certain components will not load. Please work with your IT Team to get full Administrator rights to your computer, so that all components can load.

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